We can lend a bicycle to you.  We have only sports bicycles.   That's rare in Okayama.


We always check our bicycles.

Because we want you to ride them in the best condition.

Please enjoy by great bicycles. 

Power assisted bicycle

700yen/a hour


2,500yen/for four hours


  (8:30~12:30 or



Cross bike

600yen/a hour


2,000yen/for four hours


  (8:30~12:30 or


Mountain bike

500yen/a hour 


1,800yen/for four hours


  (8:30~12:30 or


Road bike

1,200yen/a hour





Fat bike


1,200yen/a hour

Reservation-only (until 17:00 of the day before) 

  Mail:cubingneke@yahoo.co.jp  Please tell me how many bicycles you need,that you need guide,when you will come here